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Online Breathalyzer And Blood Alcohol Content Calculator. Had a few drinks? Feeling a bit drunk? Not sure if you should drive and risk a drink driving charge? Try the R U Pissed online breathalyzer and blood alcohol content calculator.

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Links About Alcohol

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Links To Alcohol

  • Still Spirits - Still mucking around with homebrewing beer? Make your own spirits the easy way. I use these guys products myself!!
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  • Buy Wine Online - Find and Buy Wine Online from french online which is an online retailer of fine import wines and brings you wine vintages from select regions of France, Italy, Spain, Portugal and New Zealand.
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  • Bernards' wine route Ltd - French wines direct from our online wine shop. Save on French wine, our wine store with its hughe selection of fine and affordable French wines.

Links To Alcohol Equipment

  • Beer Pong Tables - Your source for the best portable beer pong table ever conceived!
  • Beer In A Bin - Hey, won't your party guests be impressed when the beer shows up in a rubbish bin!
  • BarConnections.com - The Aussie Bar Shop for Beer Gear, online since 1995!
  • Stumbled - Drinking related gadgets, gizmos and gifts. Check out their 'Wheel Of Intoxication' game
  • Wine Base - Cellar management and wine reference software (hell, nothing worse than an unmanaged cellar - you never know what the little buggar will get up to!)
  • The Uncorked Cellar - Wine software for managing your wine collection, although I usually drink the wine hence avoiding the need to "manage" it.
  • Beer Me! - The most complete source of brewery information worldwide.
  • Build A College Kegerator - Drink beer the way it was meant to be drank, straight from the tap! Learn how to build a kegerator or buy one from us. We are the source for kegerators and kegerator accessories, conversion kits, towers, faucets.
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  • Kegerators.com - Draft beer refrigerators for your home bar, garage or room for all your manly things.
  • Wine Cellars - 8 Bottle Wine Cellars, FWC36 Wine Cellars, FWC100 Wine Cellars. Each Wine Cellar model comes with two independent thermostat controls, full view double pane windows with dark interiors and lights, lock and key.
  • Beer Calculators - How Many People Can Drink from a Beer Keg? How Many Glasses of Beer Are in a Beer Keg? How Many Kegs Do You Need for Your Party? Answers to all the really important questions.
  • Alcohol Breathalyzer Tester Reviews - Alcohol Breathalyzer review blog about the most popular models on the market to assist buyers.
  • Obriens Mini Bar Fridges - Obriens supplier of the full Dometic range, including mini bars fridges which are perfect for hotels, wine bars, Cocktails bars, restaurant and bars, pubs. Mini fridges which are suitable for universities, schools, offices, boardrooms, wine bars, retirement homes, hotels, B&Bs, care homes
  • Alcohol Breath Testers - Shop for personal breathalyzers...alcohol testing devices are portable and simple to use.
  • Measured Liquor Pourers and Wine Aerators - Make $4.00 to $7.00 more profit on every bottle you pour with our measured liquor pours!
  • Bar Stools Gallery - Bar Stools Gallery sells various quality heights adjustable bar stools for you.
  • Digital Alcohol Breath Tester - A site about breathalyzer devices and digital alcohol breath testers.
  • Precision Breathalyzer - Online Retailer of Premium Breathalyzer. Know your limits! Free Worldwide Shipping. Paypal available

Drinking Holidays

  • Pub Crawl Finder - Pubcrawlfinder.com is an online platform and directory for PUB CRAWLs and other organized nightlife tours around the world. Pub Crawl Finder offers party people and travellers an easy way to find nightlife and party opportunities in a certain city or country.
  • Beer Mapping Project - Great project to record the location of every boutique pub and brewery on the planet. Even has a trip planner.
  • World's Biggest Pub Crawl - 60 Pubs. 30 Days. 15 countries. 4 continents. 1 hell of an experience! Get ready for the ultimate drinking and travel experience! Departs London.
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  • Brews Traveler - The travel guide for beer lovers.
  • Distillery Destinations - Scotch Whisky distillery tours throughout Scotland.

Clothing & Stuff

  • Jerseys - Professional jerseys from NFL, NHL, NBA, & MLB teams. Buy jerseys at cheap clearance prices. Get up to 40% off retail jersey prices.
  • Liquor Apparel and Liquor Merchandise - LiquorGear.com sell official liquor and beer merchandise and apparel.
  • BoozinGear.com - BoozinGear.com provides alcohol apparel of your favorite beer and liquor brands including shirts, hoodies, and hats.
  • Beer Koozies - Hey, multi-purpose! Stop your beer from getting warm AND your hand from getting cold.
  • Wear Your Beer - Show 'em the hangover's cause with officially licensed apparel and merchandise from all your favorite beer and liquor companies.
  • Beer Goggles - Cool sunnies designed to defy the most rigorous high-performance beer drinking conditions. NOTE: Will not actually make you run faster or jump higher or give you increased strength.
  • Tropical Coolers - Custom printed promotional neoprene stubby holders, stubbie coolers, can holders, and wine bottle coolers
  • Bar Lovers - specialises in Mens Gifts, Barware brand name merchandise and Wine Accessories. Brand names include Wild Turkey, Tooheys, XXXX, Coopers, Fosters, Makers Mark, Hahn, Cougar and more.
  • 40cozy - 40oz Beer Koozies - For the drinker who enjoys their beer in 40 oz increments, enjoy stylish beer koozies for your mass consumption needs. Drink malt liquor with pride!
  • Stubby Holders - Manufacturer of promotional can coolers and wedding stubby holders.
  • Shot Glasses - Premium supplier of high end blown shot glasses for weddings and promotional campaigns.
  • Bar Mats & Bar Runners - Manufacturer of custom bar mats and promotional rubber bar runners.
  • Beer Drink Coasters - Manufacturer of beer coasters and custom promotional drink coasters.
  • Soupcan stubby Holders - Custom designed stubby holders by Soupcan, crafted to your specific requirements. Full colour printed, best prices.
  • Sudsgear.com - Hard to find craft and microbrew beer tshirts.

Links About The Effects Of Alcohol

  • Blood Test Results Directory - A comprehensive blood test resource site.
  • Limmer & Associates Criminal Lawyers - One of the effects of alcohol is thinking you can drive when you shouldn't. If you're stupid enough to get behind the wheel when you're drunk then you should put these New York attorneys into your speed dial.
  • DUI Process - DUI law information that explains how to clear DUI records.
  • New York DUI Lawyer - Have you or a loved one been charged with a DWI/DUI in New York? Let me help with your NY DUI / DWI case.
  • DUI Michigan - Specializing in the defense of both residents and non-residents from DUI charges, the Law Office of Joseph F. Awad is a full service Michigan-based law firm dedicated to clearing your name.
  • Arrested in Michigan - Every individual charged with a crime is presumed innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. If you have been recently arrested and are reading this, you are not guilty. Get help now!
  • Michigan OWI - Michigan's drunk driving laws are some of the toughest in the country. You deserve to have a drunk driving lawyer in Michigan who is even tougher.
  • DUI Foundation - Each state enforces varying levels of law, policy, and legislation. So no matter where you reside, the DUI Foundation aims to provide state specific facts across our entire knowledge center.
  • New York DWI Lawyer - DWI is also one of the most frequently litigated criminal offenses in the New York court system. Unlike most misdemeanors, due to political pressure, you may face significant jail sentences if you are convicted.

Hangover Links

  • Global Hangover Guide - More hangover cures than you can poke an empty beer bottle at.
  • Hungover.Net - This guy has a hangover fetish. He'll even sell you a T-shirt!
  • Hangover Music - Tunes for hangover relief
  • Russia Party - A superior nutrition supplement for alcohol drinkers.
  • Hangover Cures From Virgin Radio UK - Your mouth is so dry your tongue is suffocating you, the bathroom smells of vomit, your trousers are covered in mud and worst of all your wallet is empty, the only words you can mutter are "I'll never drink again".
  • Hangover Cures - Information on hangover cures plus hangover tips, hangover remedies, hangover medicines, hangover pill, chaser hangover, hangover relief, hangover helper, hangover prevention, what is a hangover, and folk remedies hangover.
  • Hangover Prevention
  • Best Hangover Cures - Information on some of the best hangover cures, hangover remedies and the many myths about hangovers.

Other Stuff

  • FHM Magazine - Well they linked to us first, so we're just returning the favour.
  • Martindale's Calculators On-Line Center - Ever had one of those days when you just can't remember how to calculate the string tension for your violin, the gear ratios for your snowmobile, or the beam width characteristics of the radar system your brother gave you for Christmas? This is the site for you.
  • Cool Nurse - Cool Nurse was created to help today's teen and young adult achieve and maintain a high level of health, fitness and well-being. Teenagers need to know the latest about health and about their bodies. Health and sex education has been cut from many school budgets. This site is a guide to assist you in making intelligent, informed decisions.
  • utes.com.au - The home of the ute. If you aren't Australian you probably won't understand, so click on this one and get educated!!
  • MetroWize - The Best Restaurants, Bars, Nightlife, Events and Hotels. San Francisco, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and more
  • Mens Care Mens Lifestyle - An amuzing and interesting webzine related to the trials and tribulations of modern man containing many other topics associated with living in todays world.

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